(Logistically speaking, moving new products to market is a fairly complex, involved process and is often driven by competitive pressures as well as by anxious visionaries, managers or investors.  In today’s economic climate the requirement and expectation is to move the process along as quickly as possible)


Taking a new design to the prototype stage is most often of substantial importance since it provides the basis for design validation and can support critical milestones along the pathway to a product’s market introduction. Prototypes can be used to prospect for market feedback, as pre-release sales tools and to support trade show presence. 


TPS has many years of experience with the entire product to market process cycle and we’ve developed techniques to maximize the value of the prototype program. By working with you and your team, TPS will move the prototype process along in appropriate stages, bypassing the customary delay involved with awaiting a full engineering release. 


TPS will work with your team to determine the complexion of your product-to-market requirements so we can appropriately scale your program.  Based on this analysis, we will be in the position to minimize the number of involved suppliers. This approach reduces NRE costs and makes the transition from the prototype to production stage more time efficient and seamless. 


TPS can support your prototype requirements whether we have designed the product or not. If we prototype your designs, we’ll work closely with your engineering staff as we move through process so that valuable feedback is available in real-time enabling adjustments as needed.  While your product moves through the prototype phase, we can take advantage of photographic opportunities, giving us material for your product collateral development.