TPS's new product line, "ampware" – Video Specific UTP Surge Protectors. ampware has been designed specifically to prevent damage to UTP based video equipment. ampware surge protectors are installed in line with UTP video transmission equipment to provide an, "industry first" surge protection device. UTP line surges can result from faulty or poorly designed grounding systems, or because equipment is connected to different power feeds. Nearby lightning events can also induce surges on the UTP lines especially in outdoor signage applications. Other UTP surge devices can cause severe signal degradation when used in video applications, whereas ampware has been specifically designed and tested for use with UTP video transmission equipment.


Standard LAN type surge arrestors do not protect UTP video equipment! Due to their specific design application for computer data transfers, they do not prevent surges from causing damage to video equipment. Many LAN protector's voltage levels cause distortion of the of the video signals, reducing noise immunity and can result in periodic loss of sync signals.


ampware surge protectors are designed specifically to work with UTP video equipment.
They provide excellent and robust protection without compromising video performance or
image quality. These enclosures can be daisy-chained together, maintaining ground connection from unit to unit without the need for external wiring.


  • "Pro AV's industry first" video extention surge protector


  • No Video Signal Degradation


  • Daisy-Chain capability



ampware datasheet