Successful approach

  • Focused, Cohesive Project Management


  • Parallel Process Planning in Order to Shorten Overall Product to Market Cycle Time 


  • Critical Path Assessment & Overlap of Functional Interdependencies


  • Accurate Project Definition


  • Concise Program Requirements Definition


  • Apply Temporary Additional Resources in Identified Functional Areas to Meet Release


  • Rapid Deployment of Temporary Resources as Required, Resulting in Fixed Cost


  • >Project & Product Cost Management Through Entire Development & Release Cycle to Assure Targeted Margin Levels



Technical Product Solutions


Nearly any product focused organization is likely to be painfully aware of progressively shortening lifecycles. Seemingly, no sooner has a new product been introduced that it becomes passé or commoditized.  Clearly, new product introduction is very time critical and there are fewer margins for error than ever before.


To maximize revenue flow, profitability and market presence, it’s critically important to move product development and introduction along as quickly as possible.  In many cases, product introductions are timed with trade expositions and “being at the show” to establish position is a must.


With aggressive, opportunistic “copycat” competitors and thinning margins, the task of bringing new or improved products to market with limited in-house resources can be daunting. Doing the same thing under market-influenced time pressure, all while attempting to maintain profitability, sanity and otherwise effective operations can be impossible.


Product design, prototyping, release to manufacturing and market introductions tend to be cyclic in their essence and demand difficult-to-staff-and-manage peaks of capability and capacity. This is exactly where TPS fits in.


Technical Product Solutions is a team of results oriented, seasoned professionals who work closely together to bring products rapidly and successfully to market. We cover all aspects of this discipline from product co-conception through spec creation and complete designPrototypes, full production, marketing collateral and complete technical support are all part of our portfolio offering as well. We can run a development program independently or we can support your staff to increase their bandwidth.  We can assist with one or two aspects of the development process or we can plan and execute the entire thing. TPS comes to you with a network of loyal and qualified suppliers who can provide the needed capacity, both long and short term.


Since TPS’s experience and services are available as you need them, you can think of our relationship as being “fractional ownership of a winning team.”